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MD/PhD Alumni See Value in White Coat Program

Chadwick Wright MD/PhDRichard Wardrop MD/PhDChadwick Wright MD/PhD '06 (pictured left) and Richard Wardrop MD/PhD '02 (pictured right) teamed up to financially sponsor budding MD/PhD students' white coats in 2013 by participating in the White Coat Program.

Dr. Wright is a current faculty member at the James Comprehensive Cancer Center at OSU focused on Molecular Imaging, Optical Imaging, Oncologic Nuclear/PET Imaging and Hybrid imaging modalities. He is Assistant Professor of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine at OSU’s College of Medicine. Dr. Wardrop is Program Director for Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency and Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at UNC School of Medicine.

The colleagues joined efforts to welcome the newest MD, PhD class and pay it forward. Learn about their experiences and perspective on why they find value in the White Coat Program.

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