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Management Curriculum

Area of Emphasis

Master of Science Program

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Name of Area of Emphasis:


Allied Health Management



Kay N. Wolf, PhD

At least 45 credit hours must be fullfilled to complete this MS degree.

Core Courses:

All students must take AM 795A, 1 credit (Introduction to Allied Health Graduate Studies), as well as 9 credits from the courses listed below.

Course Number

Course Title



AM 830

Leadership and Policy



AM 850

Issues in Allied Health



AM 730

Managerial Leadership in Allied Health



AM 753

Teaching in the Allied Health Professions



AM 892

Evidence Base Practice



Research Courses

Students must complete at least 6 credit hours of research courses, one in research design or methodology and one in data analysis (statistics or qualitative).  In some areas of emphasis, AM 892 can count for one of the research courses, although it can not be double counted as a core course and a research course. 

Research course type

Courses that are preferred or highly recommended for Area

Research design or methodology:

AEE 885, Research Methods

AEE 886, Research Design





Analysis (statistics or qualitative)


AEE 887, Analysis and Interpretation of Data, 3 cr.

AEE 888, Instrumentation and Procedures for Data Collection, 3 cr.

STAT 528, Data Analysis, 5 cr.

STAT 529, Data Analysis II, 3 cr.

STAT 530, Data Analysis III, 4 cr.

PSYCH 826, Statistics in Psychology, 4 cr.

PSYCH 827, Analysis of Variance, 4 cr.

PSYCH 828, Correlational Analysis, 4 cr.

AM 892, Evidence Based Practice, 3 credits.



AEE 885 is highly recommended

AEE 886, or AM 892 preferred for the second course.

PSYCH 826 or basic statistic course approved by advisor

Area of Emphasis Courses

Students must take the courses listed below.

Course numbers/credits

Course titles


660/3 cr.

Healthcare Financial Mgt

Business Admin: MHR

806/4 cr.

Management and Individual Behavior

Business Admin: MHR

856/4 cr.

Staffing the Organization


Required Practica

(2 credit minimum)

Course number/credits

Course title



Administration practical experience


Elective courses

(12 credit minimum)

Course number/credits

Course titles


Courses that fulfill areas of interest to be approved by advisor.




(6 credit minimum)




Plan A (thesis)


Plan B (research project/examination)