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Educators with Heart Interest Groups

Solid working relationships are vital to the work of the medical school and medical center.  To promote a more humanistic environment in which to work, the community of those that support the education mission have collaborated to form interest groups.  These groups are a way for us to get to know each other through our common interests.

Current interest groups and their contact information are listed below.  If you are interested in joining any of the interest group families, simply email the group leader.

College of Medicine Book Club
(Lisa Feldhaus):
Each month the club selects a book and hosts a discussion on the selection of the month.  Book topics vary widely and encourage discussion as well as bring the community together in a collegial environment.

Creating a Humanistic Environment
(Deniesha Newby and Keri Nuesmeyer):
This group focuses on ways to make the medical school environment a friendly place to visit and work.  From arranging service projects to collaborating on the physical environment of Meiling Hall, the group works to create and innovate in ways that benefit everyone that passes through the halls of Meiling.
Sports Enthusiasts
(Eric Ermie and Sam Matheny):
Looking for a group to go bowling or out to a Clippers game?  Just love sports and want to find others with your sports interest?  This group plans periodic sports-centered trips and they always welcome anyone with the heart of a buckeye and welcome suggestions for sports activities.

pet interest.JPG
Pet Interest Group
(Kim Hughes):
Love your cat or dog or possibly your parrot or parakeet?  This group sponsors trips to ‘bark park’ type settings so that animal lovers can find others who love their pets and love to spend time with others who wouldn’t live without a furry friend.  (*Discmaimer, regardless of how miserable this dog looks, he was not harmed at any point during this photo shoot :))

Food Enthusiasts Group
(Sam Matheny):
If food is your passion whether it is cooking or eating?  The group periodically selects a local eatery to experience as a group.  It is a way to lessen work stress, meet new people and try new food as well. 

Parenting Group.JPG

Parenting Group
(Michelle Myers and Casey Leitwein):
Faced with the challenge of raising a two-year-old or a teenager, this group is just getting started in their quest to support each other as parents. Moms and Dads are welcomed as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles or anyone involved in the care of children.

The Faces of Medical Education (Casey Leitwein and Kelly Bolt):
This interest group is dedicated to writing the stories of the people that support the education mission.  They are discovering the stories behind the faculty and staff that teach and keep the education of our medical students on track.  Interviewing, writing and then working with the medical center communications staff, they hope to tell the stories about the people who make up our community. See Faces of MedEd

Website Work Group (Kelly Bolt):
To capture the updates on all of the Humanism in Medicine initiatives including Faces of Medical Education, Courage to Teach, Student and Resident programs enhance a humanistic approach to care and Educators with Heart. This group is creating a website that will be home to information for all of these groups and especially our signature program, Medicine and the Arts.  We welcome writers, photographers and anyone interested in website design and implementation.