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Andrej Rotter, PhD

Department of Pharmacology

Degree: National Institute for Medical Research, Mill Hill, UK
Postdoctoral Training: National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

Phone: (614) 292-7747
Email: rotter.1@osu.edu

NLM PubMed publications list for Andrej Rotter (last 10 years)

Research Area

The research interests of my laboratory center around the application of bioinformatics and computational biology to the analysis of genome sequences encoding novel molecules related to neural signal transduction, cell adhesion and cell recognition. Data mining activities rely on a variety of computer algorithms used to search public and private databases for homologs and orthologs of ligand-gated ion channels and receptor protein tyrosine phosphatases (RPTPs). Of particular interest is a novel RPTP (RPTPr) that is expressed exclusively in the CNS. This phosphatase is developmentally regulated, and its expression delineates a unique anterior-posterior boundary in the cerebellar granule cell layer.

Computational genefinding programs are used to define functional sites that encode elements of RPTP gene structure (exon/intron organization), regulation and transcription. Comparisons with homology domains catalogued in a number of databases are used to make functional assignments and to predict putative 3-D structure. Alignments of orthologous sequences from a variety of different species (human, mouse, bovine, zebrafish) utilizing several phylogenetic reconstruction algorithms, are used as the basis or phylogenetic analysis and comparative genomics. The information generated by the approaches described above is used to design experiments aimed at confirming the computational predictions.