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In Pro Baseball Pitchers, Weak Core Linked to More Missed Days

Study examines tilt in pelvis and injury-related absences​ COLUMBUS, Ohio – New research suggests that professional baseball pitchers with poor core stability are more likely to miss 30 or more days in a single season because of injury than are pit ...[Read More]
Published: Sep-19-14

Keeping Surgery Patients Asleep—Safely

Anesthesiologists—the medicos who make sure surgery patients sleep and wake up safely—take professional development courses every ten years to maintain their certification by the American Board of Anesthesiology (ABA). A new course offered by the Co ...[Read More]
Published: Sep-15-14
Tags: Education, Curriculum, Technology

Genetic Counseling: A New Master’s Offering

Ohio State now offers a two-year master’s degree in the expanding field of genetic counseling—a field that has grown by 400 percent since 1992. Using medical and family histories, genetic counselors assess disease risk, and help people understand an ...[Read More]
Published: Sep-15-14
Tags: Curriculum

From MD Camp to MEDPATH to Med 1

Shannon Fayson has always been a high achiever; it was no surprise to the grandmother who raised her when the family learned that Shannon had been accepted into Ohio State’s College of Medicine. “All through school she was always in her books,” r ...[Read More]
Published: Aug-29-14

Ohio State’s Greif Neonatal Survival Program Continues Growth

The Ohio State University Greif Neonatal Survival Program (OSUGNP) has been impacting the lives of many since its beginning in 2012. The program, created with a $2.5 million grant from Greif Inc., works to improve the lives of mothers and infants in ...[Read More]
Published: Aug-26-14

Gulati Receives 2014 Women in Cardiology Mentoring Award

Martha Gulati, MD, director of Preventive Cardiology and Women’s Heart Health and the Sara Ross Soter Chair in Women’s Cardiovascular Health at the The Ohio State University’s Richard M. Ross Heart Hospital, recently received the 2014 Women in Cardi ...[Read More]
Published: Aug-26-14
Tags: Education, Research

Schlanger Receives Mikhail Novikov Faculty of the Year Award

Richard Schlanger, MD,  director of outpatient hyperbaric therapy for Ohio State’s Comprehensive Wound Center at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, recently received the Mikhail Novikov Faculty of the Year Award, in recognition for out ...[Read More]
Published: Aug-26-14
Tags: Education, Research

Page Named Fellow of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine

Stephen Page, PhD, MS, associate professor in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at The Ohio State University College of Medicine was recently named  fellow of the American College of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM). In the 90-year hist ...[Read More]
Published: Aug-26-14
Tags: Education, Research

Capers and McDougle Honored at 2014 “Who’s Who in Black Columbus”

The College of Medicine congratulates Drs. Quinn Capers, Associate Dean for Admissions, and Leon McDougle, Chief Diversity Office at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, who were honored at ...[Read More]
Published: Aug-15-14

American Heart Association Fellow Researches Genetic Markers of Heart Failure Unique to African-Americans

Ohio State University College of Medicine investigator in the newly established Center for Pharmacogenomics, Jasmine Luzum, PharmD, PhD has received a two-year post-doctoral fellowship from the American Heart Association for her research involving h ...[Read More]
Published: Aug-08-14
Tags: Research
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