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Center for BioethicsCenter for Bioethics


New Undergraduate Program: Minor in Bioethics

The Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities is pleased to announce the official launch of a Minor in Bioethics starting
this Autumn Term, 2015.  As a sub-field of ethics, bioethics explores the moral landscapes related to life sciences, hence offering students the opportunity to engage key issues ranging from clinical medical ethics, the boundaries of life, biotechnology, health care resources, human subjects research, enhancement, and more. 

All undergraduate students are welcome to participate in the Minor (click here for Bioethics Minor Advising Sheet & detailed info
Two of the four required core classes will be offered this Fall:
BSGP 2000 (class # 34613) -- Theory and Foundations of Bioethics (faculty: Dr. Ryan Nash and Matthew Vest)
BSGP 2010 (class # 34614) -- Ethics of Biomedical Research (faculty: Dr. Mariko Nakano)
NOTE: BSGP 2000 & 2010 both fulfill GE requirements "Cultures & Ideas"

Upcoming Events:

The OSU Inaugural Medical Ethics Conference
Professional Duty & Patient Rights in an Age of Pluralism:
Questions of Clinical Decision Making & Conscience
October 15-16, 2015  E-Brochure - CBMH 2015_2.pdfE-Brochure - CBMH 2015_2.pdf
For more information, please click here Conference website
For more information, contact Kelly Bolt: 614-366-8405 / kelly.bolt@osumc.edu