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Announcing New Graduate Minor in Bioethics!

The Center for Bioethics is glad to announce the official launch of a Graduate Minor in Bioethics starting this Autumn Term, 2016.  The Graduate Minor will be offered as an online
program and requires 12 credits (6 core; 6 elective) from BIOETHC courses.
For more information, contact Matthew Vest (vest.45@osu.edu). 


Graduate courses offered this fall: 

BIOETHC 6040--Bioethics Symposium (1.5)

BIOETHC 6010--Biomedical Research Ethics (3)

BIOETHC 6020--Clinical Bioethics (3)

BIOETHC 6030--Bioethics, Law & Policy (3)

Elective TBD

Fall 2016 Undergraduate Course Offerings 

BIOETHC 2000* onsite (# 33785) and NEW offering online (#35154) -- Theory and Foundations of Bioethics 

M/W 3:45-5pm; Matthew Vest.45

BIOETHC 2010* (#3179) -- Biomedical Research Ethics TTh 10:15-11:30am; Ioan Beldean.1

BIOETHC 3000 (# 3250) -- Case Studies in Medical & Healthcare Ethics MW 11:20-12:35pm; Courtney Thiele.23


All undergraduate students are welcome to participate in the Minor (click here for Bioethics Minor Advising Sheet & detailed info


*NOTE: BIOETHC 2000& 2010 fulfill GE requirements "Cultures & Ideas"

For more information, contact Kelly Bolt: 614-366-8405 / kelly.bolt@osumc.edu