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Joseph Kitzmiller, MD, PhD, FCP

Joseph Kitzmiller, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor,
Departments of Pharmacology and Biomedical Engineering

5072B Graves Hall
333 W. 10th Avenue
Columbus, OH  43210
Phone: (614) 292-8438
Fax: (614) 292-7232


Curriculum Vitae​​


MS, PhD - College of Engineering, The Ohio State University
MD - College of Medicine, The Ohio State University
Internship - Internal Medicine, The Ohio State University
Fellowship - Clinical Pharmacology, The Ohio State University

Research Interests:

Translational Medicine, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacoanalytic Methodology, Clinical Pharmacology, Research Ethics, and Drug Development; Cardiology, Pain and Psychology-related Pharmacology.

National Institutes of Health - Translational Scholar, Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine, Career Development K23 Award (2011-2016, $955k)

ABCP-accredited Clinical Pharmacology Fellowship Co-Director

Select Publications

Sardo CL, Kitzmiller JP, Apseloff G, Harris RB, Roe DJ, Stoner GD, and ET Jacobs. An open-label, randomized crossover trial of lyophilized black raspberries on postprandial inflammation in older, obese males. American Journal of Therapeutics ​2013; August 26 EPub ahead of print.

George M, Haasz M, Coronado A, Salhanick S, Korbel L, Kitzmiller JP. Acute dyskinesia, myoclonus, and akathisa in an adolescent male abusing quetiapine via nasal insufflations: a case study. BMC Pediatrics 2013; 13:187.

Kitzmiller JP, Binkley PF, Pandey Sr, Suhy AM, Baldassarre D, Hartmann K. Statin pharmacogenomics: Pursuing biomarkers for predicting clinical outcomes. Discovery Medicine 2013; 16(86) 45-53.

Kitzmiller JP, Foraker RE, Rose KM. Lipid-lowering pharmacotherapy and socioeconomic status: Atherosclerosis risk in communities (ARIC) surveillance study. BMC Public Health 2013; 13:488.

Apseloff G, Kitzmiller JP, Tishler CL. Credibility and comprehension of healthy volunteers in lengthy inpatient drug studies.  American Journal of Therapeutics ​2013; 20(3):257-260.

Baldassarre D, Amato M, Frigerio B, Columbo G, Binkley PF, Pandey SR, Suhy AM, Hartmann K, Kitzmiller JP. Pharmacogenomic biomarkers for the prediction of statins efficacy and safety. Arteriosclerosi 2013; 4:23-35.

Kitzmiller JP, Sullivan DM, Phelps MA, Wang D, Sadee W. CYP3A4/5 combined genotype analysis for predicting statin Dose requirement for optimal lipid control.  Drug Metabolism & Drug Interaction 2013; 28(1):59-63.

Kapil RP, Cipriano A, Friedman K, Michels G, Shet MS, Colucci SV, Apseloff G, Kitzmiller JP, Harris SC. Once-weekly transdermal buprenorphine application results in sustained and consistent steady-state plasma levels. Journal of Pain Symptom Management 2013; 46:65-75.

George M, Kitzmiller JP, Ewald MB, O'Donell KA, Becter ML, Salhanick S. Methadone toxicity and possible induction and enhanced elimination in a premature neonate. Journal of Medical Toxicology 2012; 8(4):432-5. 

George M, Phelps MA, Kitzmiller JP. Acetaminophen pediatric dose selection: Caregiver satisfaction regarding antipyretic efficacy of acetaminophen in children. Clinical Pediatrics 2012; 51(11):1030-1. 

Kitzmiller JP, Embi JE, Manickam K, Sweet KM, Phelps MA, Jackson RD, Marsh CB, Sadee W. Program in Pharmacogenomics at The Ohio State University Medical Center. Pharmacogenomics 2012; 13(7):751-6.

Kitzmiller JP, Groen DK, Phelps MA, Sadee W. Pharmacogenomic Testing: Relevance in Medical Practice. Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine 2011; 78(4):243-57.

Kitzmiller JP, Groen DK, Ardeleanu M, Apseloff G. A novel minimally-invasive method for elicting Incisonal pain in healthy adults. Journal of Anesthesiology and Clinical Pharmacology 2010; 26:54-8.

Kitzmiller JP, Hansford DJ, Fortin LD, Obrietan KH, Bergdall VK, Beversdorf DQ. Micro-field evoked potentials recorded from the porcine sub-dural cortical surface utilizing a microelectrode array. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 2007; 162:155-61.

Kitzmiller JP, Beversdorf DQ, Hansford DJ. Fabrication and testing of microelectrodes for small-field cortical surface recordings. Biomedical Microdevices 2006; 8:81-5.