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Welcome to the OSU College of Medicine Office of Research Education! We invite you to join us in unraveling the intriguing complexities of biomedical science, with the ultimate goal of achieving significant progress in the prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of disease.

Research Education at the Ohio State University Medical Center is training that incorporates activities involved in the process of discovery, dissemination, and application of new knowledge. These activities will enhance the appreciation for, understanding of, and preparedness to conduct biomedical research.


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Drs. Amal Amer and Estelle Cormet-Boyaka, associate professors in the Department of Veterinary Biosciences and the College of Medicine respectively have made significant in-roads in Cystic Fibrosis Research
posted by: MI&I News
1/27/2016 3:58:39 PM

Dr. Dan Wozniak, Professor, Departments of Microbial Infection and Immunity, Microbiology, Received the 2015 Jack Kenney Award for Outstanding Service
posted by: MI&I News
12/18/2015 4:52:42 PM

Dr. Caroline Whitacre, Vice President for Research at The Ohio State University, has been Awarded the rank of Fellow by the National Academy of Inventors
posted by: MI&I News
12/17/2015 4:45:08 PM

Dr. Li Wu, Professor, Department of Veterinary Biosciences, Center for Microbial Interface Biology, and his Team have been Recognized for their Research Efforts in the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
posted by: MI&I News
12/15/2015 10:47:21 AM

Intergenerational Center brings new approach to community health in Columbus
posted by: College of Medicine News
12/7/2015 10:59:40 AM

Houston Receives $2.9 million for Language Development in Infants With Hearing Loss Research
posted by: College of Medicine News
12/1/2015 2:26:03 PM

Conwell and Hart Receive $2 Million U01 Grant From the National Institutes of Health
posted by: College of Medicine News
12/1/2015 12:35:31 PM

Congressional Representatives Visit OSUWMC to Discuss NIH Funding
posted by: College of Medicine News
11/13/2015 11:37:47 AM

Social Science Meets Patient Care at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
posted by: College of Medicine News
11/10/2015 12:54:59 PM

Dr. Jacob Yount, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbial Infection & Immunity, received recognition in the OnCampus article, "Could flu someday be prevented without a vaccine?" that highlights his research on preventive flu responses
posted by: MI&I News
11/5/2015 10:22:26 AM

Diaz and Nana-Sinkam Receive $2.5 million for Emphysema in HIV Smokers Research
posted by: College of Medicine News
10/23/2015 4:52:57 PM

Dr. Spees Talks About Hope Grows for Cancer Survivors
posted by: Medical Dietetics News
10/22/2015 10:17:33 AM

Ohio State Researchers Receive Grant Funding to Study Variations in Tuberculosis Responses
posted by: MI&I News
10/13/2015 10:19:27 AM

Croce and Byrd receive NCI 'Outstanding Investigator Awards'
posted by: College of Medicine News
10/2/2015 4:27:35 PM

NLM Funding Expands Informatics Training Program to Focus on Big Data
posted by: BMI News
9/28/2015 2:04:49 PM

New Discoveries Made in Capping and Gene Regulation
posted by: College of Medicine News
9/28/2015 12:27:01 PM

Ohio State researchers take novel approach to studying variations in tuberculosis responses
posted by: College of Medicine News
9/25/2015 2:31:31 PM

Amer and Cormet-Boyaka Receive $1.5 million Grant from National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute for Microbial Infection and Immunity Research
posted by: College of Medicine News
9/16/2015 11:11:44 AM

Clinical Research Coordinator Orientation October 26th & 27th 2015
posted by: Research News
9/15/2015 12:44:01 PM

Ohio State Surgeons Implant Knee Cartilage Grown From Patient's Own Cells
posted by: Regenerative Medicine News
8/25/2015 11:26:19 AM