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Maurice Mullet Student-Alumni Forum

Maurice ‘Mo’ Mullet established an endowment to support an educational forum, allowing for more meaningful dialogue between current medical students and alumni. Each year students and alumni are brought together to hear about and engage in a current topic in medicine. Students, fellow alumni, faculty and staff are invited to attend. Below you'll find details about past forums.

February 2019


November 2017 


December 2016

Fall Forum 2016

View the slides from Dr. Doherty's presentation - Presentation Slides_Doherty.pdf​

To learn more about Dr. Doherty view his Bio.pdf and CV.pdf

Spring Forum 2016

Winter 2016 Mo Mullet top feature.jpg

Missed the Spring Forum? Check out the video taping: http://go.osu.edu/mo_mullet

​Fall Forum 2015

Students have two opportunities to hear from the Fall 2015 Mo Mullet Speaker:  

Wednesday, December 2, 2015
The Future of Medicine
3PM - 4PM
Room 115, BRT

Restoring the Joy to the Practice of Medicine
5PM - 7PM 
Ivory Room, 2 Miranova PL. Columbus,OH

Spring Forum 2015
COMD20150007-02 Mo Mullet Top Feature.jpg

Monday, February 23, 2015
Ross Heart Hospital Auditorium
Dr. Kiran Bhat, '95 informed attendees how the collaborative community program, Health Armstrong, reduces childhood obesity through healthy eating and active lifestyles.

Fall Forum 2014

Emerging Diseases: Learn from infectious disease experts about new and resurgent diseases

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Meiling Hall Room 112

Infectious diseases have played an important role throughout human history, and remain relevant today, as recent headlines about Ebola have demonstrated. Infectious diseases that are new to us, or are resurgent after a time of control are often call “emerging infectious diseases.”

Infectious disease experts will discuss different aspects of emerging infectious diseases, from “new” diseases such as Ebola, to resurgent diseases such as gonorrhea (which is becoming more drug resistant), and diseases in between.

Spring Forum 2014

Spring Mo Mullet Forum

Russel Kaufman, MD '73 informed attendees about how research and medicine go hand in hand.

Fall Forum 2013

Andrew Thomas, MD '95, MBA '00, Edmund Funai, MD, and William Hayes, PhD, informed attendees about the Affordable Care Act and how it affects future physicians and the practice of medicine.

Spring Forum 2013

Does balancing your residency training, family life, and paying off your loans sound even more difficult than medical school? The Spring 2013 Maurice Mullet Student-Alumni Forum, featured keynote speakers, Anthony Michaels, MD, ’03 and Demicha Rankin, MD, ’06, about how they handled these challenges. As young physicians and current OSU faculty members, they shared their insights on the personal and professional aspects of life after medical school.