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87, John Falgui Tugaoen, MD  


John Falgui Tugaoen, passed away on July 28, 2012, after suffering a tragic stroke on July 27. He was passionate about proper nutrition and physical fitness in weightlifting and bodybuilding, winning multiple bodybuilding competitions during his college and med school years. He also enjoyed golfing, sports, cars, and time with family and friends. John was born in Cleveland, Ohio where at the age of 2, barely survived a week-long episode of rheumatic fever, which left him with a heart condition around which his life would revolve. After moving to the Philippines for a few years, he came back to Cleveland with his family where he grew up. He developed his hard-working reputation from a young age, delivering newspapers from age 10, walking through 2-3 feet of snow, subzero temperatures and the blizzards of the 70s. He had many other jobs throughout the years, transferring his hardworking traits to studying, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology (1983) and a Medical Degree at Ohio State University (1987). He then completed his Internal Medicine Residency at Riverside Methodist Hospital (1991), and Cardiology Fellowships at Allegheny General Hospital (1994) and Riverside Methodist Hospital (1995). He was board-certified in Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Disease. Despite worsening cardiac symptoms as a result of his bout with rheumatic fever, he continued to exercise and lift weights 5-6 times a week until he eventually had to undergo open-heart surgery and had his aortic and mitral valves replaced in 2007. This allowed him to keep going to the gym and work out daily, and of course, continue to treat and help save many lives as a cardiologist. John was the consummate physician treating each patient as if they were a family member. He was loved by his patients because he was kind, caring, compassionate, and understanding, and was well respected by his peers for his intelligence, diligence and high level of skill in the cardiac cath lab. Despite his professional medical background, he nonetheless kept himself grounded: the humblest person one may ever meet. Indeed, he preferred to be called by his first name John, rather the "Dr. Tugaoen". Meeting him outside of the medical setting, one would never guess that he was a physician he was the epitome of the nice, calm and laid-back guy. Because of his medical condition, his philosophy was always to enjoy life to the fullest; to live every day as if it was your last. His sense of humor was reflected by his favorite saying: "every day past the age of forty is a bonus". John passes at a relatively young age, but on the other hand, he was able to live 48 years past his near-death experience at age 2.


Posted on 1-Aug-12 by Blatnik, Michelle
Tags: Class of 1980 - 1989, Obituaries
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