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Endless Opportunities for College of Medicine Young Alumni 


Graduates of Ohio State’s College of Medicine have endless opportunities after they earn their medical degree. Some may stay at Ohio State to practice medicine, and some may even travel to a foreign country. Brock Trejo.jpg

Two recent alums, Dr. Brock Trejo (’12) and Dr. Matt Lomeli (’10), have each taken unique and exciting career paths since graduating from The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

Dr. Trejo is a second year resident at Cascades East at Oregon Health & Science University. There, he specializes in rural family medicine and has signed a contract to stay on at Sky Lakes Medical Center in Klamath Falls, OR to continue practicing rural family medicine until 2020.

Dr. Trejo’s path into family medicine was a surprise to him, as he originally expected to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. He said that he immediately changed his mind after his first hour of surgery rotation. When looking for an alternative, Dr. Trejo came to be interested in rural health because he felt it was a “diverse decathlon” of medicine.
Living in Oregon was an added bonus. Dr. Trejo loves the culture of working in the Northwest, and how beautiful the geography is there. The Northwest also has a great reputation for rural health, perfect for Dr. Trejo.

Although Dr. Trejo loves the environment of the Northwest, he says that he appreciated his time in Columbus and all that the community and Ohio State have to offer.

Dr. Trejo mentioned how his time at Ohio State gave him the liberty to choose his own path. He said that OSU made him “feel confident in his decisions.” He also felt that with the breadth of specialties at OSUCOM, he received great and extensive training that has prepared him for his current career.
Dr. Lomeli, currently stationed in Twentynine Palms, CA serving as a flight surgeon for a Marine Corps UAV squadron, also attributed OSUCOM with providing him fantastic training that he feels compares better to that of his colleagues. He said having a strong training background, as well as a focus in patient centered care that he gained at OSUCOM, have helped him greatly in his current field of medicine.

Serving as a flight surgeon means that Dr. Lomeli is responsible for determining if the marines in his squadron are medically capable of flying, and he also accompanies them on flights. This has given him the opportunity to fly to cities like England, Germany, Iceland and Washington D.C, just to name a few.

Similarly to Dr. Trejo, Dr. Lomeli also enjoys working in the West. Being stationed in California has given Dr. Lomeli the chance to explore the many climates there, from snowboarding in the mountains to relaxing in Long Beach, where his wife lives.

Dr. Lomeli is currently awaiting news from the Navy Match program on whether he will return to the program this coming July or will need to continue serving on the operational side. Though he describes his work as a transient environment, Dr. Lomeli said he feels honored to be the physician of men and women who are serving and fighting for our country.



Posted on 3-Mar-14 by Staub, Leigh
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