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Former Gastroenterology Resident Pays Forward to ‘Good Cause’ 


Kafity.jpgDr. Alfred Kafity completed his residency and fellowship in gastroenterology at Ohio State in 1993. More than two decades later, the alum is giving back to the university in a unique and generous way.

Dr. Kafity and his wife, Chris, now have a practice of their own in Huron, Ohio, called Bay Area Gastroenterology. Four years ago, the couple decided to start a charitable remainder trust. They put a designated amount of money into the trust each year that will one day go to an organization of their choice. The Kafitys allocated a portion of the funds to Dr. Kafity’s alma mater, Texas State University, but are sending the majority of it to the College of Medicine at Ohio State.

 “I feel very lucky I was able to get into that [residency and fellowship] program,” Dr. Kafity said. “Without that, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

The Kafitys were honored by the Neil Legacy Society, which recognizes those who have named the University a beneficiary of a planned gift. The family appreciates the university’s gratitude, and is eager to contribute to the program that helped shape Dr. Kafity’s career.

 “We want the money to go to a good cause,” Dr. Kafity said. “We’re glad that we’re able to help and contribute and pay back some of the kindness that we received.”



Posted on 3-Mar-14 by Staub, Leigh
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