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Brandon, Merling, MD '14: Recent Grad Spotlight 


Name: Brandon Merling

Where are you from originally? Cincinnati, OH

Where was your undergraduate institution? Northwestern University

Where are you going for your residency and what is your specialty? University of Chicago, Anesthesiology

Who was your mentor at the College of Medicine? Dr. Joshua Lumbley

What are your most thankful for in regards to your College of Medicine education? Everyone at OSUCOM is so approachable – both faculty and students alike. It’s an environment that’s so conducive to living and learning, and I’m so happy I ended up here.

What made you decide to come to Ohio State? The interview day experience at OSUCOM resonated with me. Unlike many other medical schools, students here seemed legitimately happy during their training, and I was looking for a training environment where there was a “work hard – play hard attitude.” 

What medical issues concern you the most? The failure of our medical community to adequately treat pain. The word “patient” derives from the latin patiens – or one who suffers, and even in this era of modern medicine, there remains a drastic gap in our complex understanding of the pathophysiology of pain and our failure to adequately treat it. Inappropriate pain management has both acute and chronic health implications and needs to become a major focus for change in the healthcare system.

What advice do you have for students entering medical school at Ohio State next year who are interested in pursuing a career similar to yours? I did not choose my specialty until the beginning of fourth year. R4WH-22.jpg

Most memorable moment(s) at Ohio State?  Currently, I’m biking across the country as part of Ride for World Health. We’re an organization composed mostly of OSUCOM med students who are riding our bikes from San Diego to Washington D.C. to raise awareness and funds for global health organizations.

What does an ideal Sunday look like for you? I am truly at peace when I am enjoying all the wilderness has to offer, so an ideal Sunday is any spent in the great outdoors.

Hobbies? Volunteer work? Hiking, biking, skiing, whitewater kayaking, scuba diving, tennis, golf, soccer, football, landscape photography. During medical school, I volunteered with The Adaptive Adventure Sports Coalition (TAASC), which is an organization that teaches disabled individuals adventure sport – most specifically, I volunteered in winter sports.

What does Ohio State mean to you? I’ve grown up a Buckeye my whole life, and Ohio State is the only place that gave me the chance to become a physician. I am so thankful that I was invited to join the OSUCOM community and will remain a Buckeye the rest of my life.


Posted on 23-Apr-14 by Staub, Leigh
Tags: Class of 2013-2014
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