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Richard King, MD '14: Recent Grad Spotlight 


Richard King photo.jpgName: Richard King

Where are you from originally? Cincinnati, Ohio

Where was your undergraduate institution? University of Cincinnati

Where are you going for your residency and what is your specialty? University of Michigan for internal medicine

What are your most thankful for in regards to your College of Medicine education? Great classmates and dedicated teachers.

What made you decide to come to Ohio State? Ohio State felt like a great fit during my interview experience. The people, the curriculum, the medical facilities, and campus all made Ohio State stand out among other instIMG_0033.JPGitutions.

What advice do you have for students entering medical school at Ohio State next year who are interested in pursuing a career similar to yours? Work hard, but make time for whatever is most important in your life.

Most memorable moment(s) at Ohio State? 1. Fumbling around on my first full day of third year. I was on an overnight shift on Labor and Delivery and spent most of my effort just trying to figure out all the acronyms. 2. Match Day and the excitement of finding out where everyone matched.

What does an ideal Sunday look like for you? Spending the afternoon watching sports (baseball, basketball, or football depending on the season)

Hobbies? Volunteer work? I enjoy running, basketball, and playing piano. I will miss serving as a volunteer coach for the Columbus Schools Special Olympics track and field team.


Posted on 23-Apr-14 by Staub, Leigh
Tags: Class of 2013-2014
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