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Ryan Mallory, MD '14: Recent Grad Spotlight 


RyanM.jpgName: Ryan Mallory

Where are you from originally? Toledo, Ohio

Where was your undergraduate institution? Miami University in Oxford, OH

Where are you going for your residency and what is your specialty? I will be training for residency at Indiana University in internal medicine.

Who was your mentor at the College of Medicine? Dr. Wewers from the department of Pulmonology was very helpful during my time at Ohio State. He allowed me to spend a month working on my own project in his own lab. He was very supportive and provided invaluable advice and support in applying to residency.

What are your most thankful for in regards to your College of Medicine education? I am thankful for the excellent education that I received from Ohio State to confidently move forward as I take care of patients in the field of internal medicine and hopefully, someday Cardiology.

What made you decide to come to Ohio State? I have been a lifelong Buckeye so my opinion was alway biased. The thing about Ohio State that really drew me to the medical school was the happiness of its students when I interviewed and the positive attitude and support of the faculty and staff.

Why did you choose a career in medicine? Throughout my life, I randomly encountered my father's patients that could not resist telling me how much he made a difference in their lives as their family physician.  This ability to impact others in such a positive way was a big draw to the medical field.

What medical issues concern you the most? A medical issue that is very concerning to me is the obesity epidemic that has impacted our country. What concerns me the most is that being overweight seems as if it's becoming a new norm. I recently looked at a restaurant menu and had difficulty finding an entree less than 1000 calories. Many patients I have encountered are concerned about their diabetes or heart disease but don't feel that being very overweight is that big of a deal.  One of my goals in the future is to work with patients to help them understand the importance of modifying their diet and controlling their portions to help them eliminate risk factors that could negatively affect their overall health.

What advice do you have for students entering medical school at Ohio State next year who are interested in pursuing a career similar to yours? Medical school can be overwhelming. However, it does not have to be all-consuming. Make time for family, friends, and physical activity. When your plate gets full, focus on one or two tasks at a time and before you know it you will have passed the next obstacle. Also, the times that you feel overwhelmed may be the best times to take a break rather than cram more material.

Most memorable moment(s) at Ohio State?  My most memorable moment was proposing to my fiancé who I met 3 years earlier in class during my first week of medical school.

What does an ideal Sunday look like for you? An ideal Sunday is one in which I don't touch any notes or textbooks.

Hobbies? Volunteer work? For hobbies, I love playing basketball, golf, reading, flyfishing, and Netflix binge-watching. As for volunteering, I have worked at the Physicians Free Clinic, and more memorably, joined a medical mission trip to Guatemala with my father.

What does Ohio State mean to you? To me, Ohio State marks the point in my life when I grew up and found my passion that I will pursue for the rest of my life. Put simply, it is the foundation for my future.

Is there anything else that you’d like to add? One of the most important things that every medical student should do during their fourth year, besides matching, is learning the basics of personal finance and how to manage their future earnings.  "The White Coat Investor", by James Dahle, is a short and concise book written by a physician for physicians (aka it doesn't put you to sleep). It only takes about 5 hours of time to read and I think has provided me with the tools to provide financial security for my future.


Posted on 24-Apr-14 by Staub, Leigh
Tags: Class of 2013-2014
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