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2014 Medical Alumni Society Merit Scholarship Recipients 


Congratulations to Rishabh Sethia and Miyagi Hiro, both Med 1 students, who were awarded the Medical Alumni Society Merit Scholarship this past fall. Each received a one-time scholarship award of $10,000 toward their 2014-15 tuition. Both expressed gratitude through thank you notes, excerpted here.​

  • Miyagi, who is from Cleveland, says she was influenced by medicine when shadowing physicians at a local hospital there. She wrote: “Thank you for awarding me with the Medical Alumni Society Scholarship. Because of donors like you, I am confident I will be able to attain my professional goals as well as improving lives in my community.”
  • ​​Rishabh, who is from Indiana, says his decision to pursue medicine was influenced by his two uncles who are physicians. He wrote: “I am extremely honored to have received this scholarship, and one day I hope to assist future medical students in the same way that my donors have helped me.”

Giving to the OSU Medical Alumni Society Merit Scholarship Endowment is just one way alumni and supporters can “dot the i” in scholarship. The endowment was established in 2004 from a collective group of student scholarship funds and has been enthusiastically supported by medical alumni since. Each year, the revenue generated by this endowment is distributed to an outstanding entering student, based on academic achievement and financial need. To make a donation to the Medical Alumni Society Merit Scholarship, or another College of Medicine fund, please visit medicine.osu.edu/donate. 

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Miyagi Hiro

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Rishabh (Rishi) Sethia​

Posted on 13-Mar-15 by Staub, Leigh
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