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Bradley Schnedl, MD '15: Recent Grad Spotlight 


Bradley Schnedl.JPG​Name: Bradley Schnedl

Where are you from originally?
Cincinnati, OH
Do you have any family members who are OSU Medicine graduates?

Where was your undergraduate institution?
 University of California Los Angeles
Where are you going for your residency and what is your specialty?
UCLA Medical Center, Internal Medicine
Who was your mentor at the College of Medicine?
Dr. Dan Clinchot, VP Health Sciences Education
What are your most thankful for in regards to your College of Medicine education?
I am thankful for the amazing friendships that I have made with many of my classmates over the last four years (10 of which are flying all the way to California for my Wedding in May!). In addition, we have the most incredible faculty and administration who are so dedicated to students at OSUCOM, I am so grateful for their passion for education.
What made you decide to come to Ohio State?
When I first interviewed at OSU, I felt the students were so enthusiastic about the school, and I fell in love with the collaborative, collegial culture of the institution. It was unlike anywhere else I had interviewed. And, of course, I was excited to return to be closer to my family in Ohio.
What medical issues concern you the most?
The future of Medical Education in the US
Interprofessional Collaboration in Healthcare
What advice do you have for students entering medical school at Ohio State next year who are interested in pursuing a career similar to yours?
Be prepared to work as hard as you can, but always remember to give yourself time to have fun! Also, don’t ever set limitations on yourself, always seek out new opportunities and relationships…find mentors who are willing to help you establish yourself as a young physician in training.
Most memorable moment(s) at Ohio State? 
Being selected as a student member to the LCME.
Traveling to Torch Lake, Michigan for a weekend with 5 of my best friends from medical school.
Match Day with my closest friends and family, and getting my #1 choice for residency training.

Hobbies? Volunteer work?
Taking care of my dog, Deuce.
Yoga and anything fitness related!
Trying exotic cuisines.
Traveling abroad.

What does Ohio State mean to you?
I know that I can always find a home at Ohio State. I have felt that I am apart of a family from the beginning of medical school. Even though I am graduating, I will always take pride in being a part of the Buckeye tradition, and proudly represent Ohio State in my future.



Posted on 13-May-15 by Gallagher, Catherine
Tags: Class of 2014-2015
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