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Sophia O. Tolliver, MD, MPH '15: Recent Grad Spotlight 


​Name: Sophia O. Tolliver, MD, MPHWP_20150507_22_36_22_Pro.jpg

Where are you from originally?
Military brat originally (airforce). Born in Kansas then moved to Okinawa Airforce Base in Japan for about 3-4 year before returning to the states. I grew up in Akron, Ohio.
Do you have any family members who are OSU Medicine graduates?
Where was your undergraduate institution?
The Ohio State University: B.S. Human Nutrition (’03), B.S. Biological Sciences (’04), Masters in Public Health (’08)
Where are you going for your residency and what is your specialty?
The Ohio State University Department of Family Medicine, Urban Track

Who was your mentor at the College of Medicine?
Dr. Leon McDougle – He believed in me and my abilities from the very start and challenged me to evaluate my weaknesses and work hard to overcome them.

What are your most thankful for in regards to your College of Medicine education?
I am thankful that my chosen specialty was valued and that there were so many scholarship opportunities available for me to pay off my student loans so much quicker.

What made you decide to come to Ohio State?
Ohio State has so many resources – incredible faculty and staff, cutting-edge research and overall people who really care about the health of the community. Any university can fill a position with a candidate who possesses a certain skill set, however, OSU hires individuals who not only are really intelligent in their specialty but who also seem to really care about students and their growth.

What medical issues concern you the most?
The health of our most vulnerable populations. Underserved, low/no-income communities need culturally competent physicians who can meet them where they are and encourage them to make healthy decisions one day at a time.

Most memorable moment(s) at Ohio State? 
It will be when I receive that diploma – I will be the first physician in my family.

Sophia Tolliver Brutus.jpgWhat does an ideal Sunday look like for you?

I like to start the day off my going to church and getting re-energized and refreshed. I follow it up with a tasty brunch with friends and the rest of the day is spent catching up on my DVR.

Hobbies? Volunteer work?
I have been singing in a Latin Salsa Jazz band for over 10 years. I took a break during medical school and I’m looking forward to getting back into it after intern year, of course.

What does Ohio State mean to you?
For me, Ohio State has meant opportunity. I would not be where I am without those opportunities, namely OSU’s Young Scholars’ Program and MEDPATH Program. So many people believed in me along the way and I am so grateful knowing that they are so proud of me.

Is there anything else that you’d like to add?
Go Bucks!


Posted on 13-May-15 by Gallagher, Catherine
Tags: Class of 2014-2015
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