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’56 Henry George Stein, MD (1930-2015) 


Henry George Stein passed away peacefully on May 22nd at 6:07pm at Hospice in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Henry is survived by four children: Bill Stein, the eldest, is a lawyer and art dealer based out of Chicago; Tamara, a business professional, lives in Las Vegas; Andrew, a professional historian and practicing psychoanalyst, lives in New York City; and Sara, an entrepreneur and software professional, lives in Los Angeles.
He is also survived by two grandchildren, the children of Bill: Matthew Stein and Meredith Stein.
Henry was born in Bayonne, New York and grew up in Barberton, Ohio, where he learned to fly planes while attending Barberton High. After attending college at Akron University, he entered medical school at Ohio State, where he became an orthopedic surgeon and fell in love with and married Rita Levy.
He practiced medicine in Dayton, Ohio, where he became a much loved physician in the community. Later, he retired with Rita to Las Vegas.
Among his many accomplishments, of which he was suitably proud, was his service as a physician during the first Iraq War, where he served in a med unit in Saudi Arabia.
He was a man who loved learning, especially about WWII. He also loved cars, flying, big band and classical music. He also came to love animals, especially his dogs: Eli, Daisy and Mac.
Later in life, after retiring, he became an accomplished pipe maker, something that afforded him hours of pleasure.
But, most of all, he was someone who loved people and had many close friends in the community to remember and recall his numerous acts of kindness and boundless generosity.



Posted on 26-May-15 by Pond, Deborah
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