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MSAC Spotlight: Kaity Spears 


​Name: Kaity SpearsKaitlyn Spears.jpg

Where are you from originally?
Foresthill, CA

Do you have any family members who are OSU Medicine graduates?
Where was your undergraduate institution?
California Polytechnic State University
What are your most thankful for in regards to your College of Medicine education?
I am thankful to attend a school where I am surrounded by leaders in the field of research and patient care. I feel that I have the resources and opportunities to achieve whatever I put my mind to at OSU Medical Center. Go Bucks!
What advice do you have for students entering medical school at Ohio State?
Study hard, but maintain a good work/life balance! Don’t lose sight of doing the things that make you, you. These things will make you a better doctor in the future and help you maintain your sanity in med school!
Most memorable moment(s) at Ohio State? 
Two of my most memorable moments at OSUCOM thus far have been cheering on the Buckeyes with my classmates as they won the National Championship and walking across the stage to get my white coat.



What does an ideal Sunday look like for you?
An ideal Sunday would be spent sleeping in and spending time getting brunch, hiking, or watching movies with friends!    Kaitlyn Spears (2).jpg

Hobbies? Volunteer work?
I enjoy hiking, reading, and Netflix binges. I volunteer for the Rock-A-bye program, MedStep, and local clinics.



Posted on 2-Jul-15 by Gallagher, Catherine
Tags: General
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