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MSAC Spotlight: Kristin Springer 


​Name: Kristin Springer Kristin Springer.jpg

Where are you from originally?
Gahanna, Ohio
Do you have any family members who are OSU Medicine graduates?
No family members who are OSU COM grads, but both parents are OSU undergrad alumni!
Where was your undergraduate institution?
University of Notre Dame
Who is your mentor at the College of Medicine?
Dr. Karen Diefenbach & Dr. Pat Ecklar
What are your most thankful for in regards to your College of Medicine education?
I am incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to join the Ohio State College of Medicine family. The wonderful community at Ohio State and pride for the school is what truly drew me back to Columbus and I have loved every moment of the experience thus far.
What made you decide to come to Ohio State?
I have always been a firm believer in gut feelings and when I set foot on the OSU CoM campus for Second Look Weekend, I immediately felt at home. Everyone from faculty and staff to students was friendly, welcoming, and excited to share their love for Ohio State with prospective students. Aside from the incredible community I found at OSU, I was drawn to the Lead, Serve, Inspire curriculum and excited both by the integration of basic and clinical sciences and by the many clinical opportunities presented to students as early as the first year.

Why did you choose a career in medicine?
Growing up, my parents taught me an invaluable lesson, which is that we are all called to serve, responsible for utilizing our individual talents for the greater good. Ultimately, I decided on a career in medicine because I came to realize that it would allow me to give back in many more ways than one. Medicine allows for physicians to take the role of healer, teacher, mentor, and most importantly, friend. I am blessed and thrilled to have the opportunity to utilize my experiences and talents to fulfill the many rewarding roles that underlie the vocation of physician.
What advice do you have for students entering medical school at Ohio State?
You have worked hard to get to where you are so enjoy the journey! Take time for yourself as often as you can and remember to keep everything in perspective.
What does an ideal Sunday look like for you?
My idea of an ideal Sunday would be a late morning brunch with family followed by a relaxed day at home reading, snoozing, or going for nice run at one of Columbus’ many parks!

Hobbies? Volunteer woKristin Springer_OHIO.jpgrk?
My hobbies include running, weight training, dancing, watching college football (specifically, cheering on the Irish and the Buckeyes!), and exploring new cities and restaurants with friends! While at OSU CoM, I’ve become involved with volunteering at the Columbus Free Clinic, the Asian Free Clinic, the Restful Nights program at the James Cancer Hospital, and the Rock-a-Bye-Baby Program with infants in the extended care nursery at OSU.



Posted on 2-Jul-15 by Gallagher, Catherine
Tags: General
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