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Medical School Expenses Inspire College of Medicine Graduate’s Philanthropic Efforts 


​Anthony Joseph Melaragno, M.D., knew he wanted to become a doctor since he was a high school student. However he had to conquer one monumental obstacle: tuition. Working long hours in the summer, Dr. Melaragno was able pursue his dreams and in 1973 he graduated from The Ohio State University’s College of Medicine.

During his time in medical school, Dr. Melaragno was not only grateful to learn from the plethora of mentors and advisors, but also the chance to do research on sickle cell anemia. He was awarded the “Roessler Research Scholarship” – an award that grants medical students the opportunity to complete research under the guidance of faculty within the College of Medicine.

“It is because of these experiences at Ohio State that I have become a successful doctor,” says Dr. Melaragno. He notes that this research experience was what provided him with the skills needed to manage research programs in the Navy and his current role at Legacy Health in Portland, Oregon.

Now, forty-two years later, Dr. Melaragno’s son Andrew is also a Roessler Scholarship recipient and student at Ohio State’s College of Medicine.

With medical school expenses on the rise, Dr. Melaragno was inspired to begin a class scholarship fund with the support of his classmates. Not only would the fund assist his own son in his educational endeavors, but it would also make it possible for other students to become successful through Ohio State’s program.

“I feel I have been blessed by the education Ohio State has given me,” Dr. Melarango says. “The need for money now is great as medical school becomes harder to pay for. Students should go to medical school because it is the right thing to do. They should not have to worry about the cost.”

Dr. Melaragno is concerned that students are basing their medical school decisions on how much debt they will face in the future, which in turn leads to career choices based on what they can afford and not necessarily the field they enjoy. He strongly believes in the power of giving back so that students, faculty, and researchers, can continue the legacy of Ohio State’s College of Medicine.

 “People should be able to pursue what they are passionate about in life,” he states. “Life decisions should not be based on cost.”

Here is how you can support medical school scholarships by donating to Dr. Melaragno’s class of 1973 scholarship fund or to the Dean's Scholarship Fund.


Posted on 12-Aug-15 by Staub, Leigh
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