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2012-2013 Funded Projects

During the 2012-2013 academic year, Medical Alumni Society Grants were awarded to the following community service and medical education projects:

Projects​ Description​

PODEMOS is a student run organization that provides essential care to impoverished communities in Honduras. It is a combined effort of students from the College of Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry and Law and provides a valuable educational experience as well as much medical care/education.​

Somali Health Initiative for Nutrition Education​

The Somali Health Initiative for Nutrition Education is a program that works to increase healthy food and exercise choices in the Columbus, Somali community. Medical students run nutrition seminars for the parents in conjunction with a structured education program for middle-school students. ​

MD Camp​ MD Camp is an intensive, three-week introduction to medicine for medically under-represented and/or disadvantaged high school juniors and seniors. This program is offered every summer at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. The camp has established an enriching curriculum and provides clinical skills and shadowing experience to its attendees.​
Anatomy Memorial Service​ The first year class of the College of Medicine honors the memories and generosity of the individuals who donated their bodies to the medical center with a memorial service.  The Memorial Service provides the opportunity for students to express their gratitude to families of donors. ​
Guatemala Trip​ Primeros Pasos is the only reliable and affordable source of local medical and dental care in the Palajunoj Valley in Guatemala. This trip is an opportunity to serve as a Children’s Health Educator and to research rates of childhood parasitic infection over time in the various villages. ​
Cervical Cancer Peru​ Cervical cancer is the number one cause of cancer death in Peruvian women. This trip will focus on reducing the high rates of cervical cancer afflicting rural Peruvian women by improving quality and access to screening through a novel detection program. ​
Kamoto Hospital​ This trip focused on bringing Ultrasound technology to the Kamoto Hospital in Zambia, a rural hospital serving a large population. Additionally, the main focus is to train physicians on how to use it and set up protocol for future groups. ​
Linked: Longitudinal Intervention- Diabetes​ The Linked program helps to connect patients with diabetes to a primary care home through counseling sessions on the importance of primary care.  This project will help generate data that explains the relationship between safety net clinics, primary care homes and the amount of emergency medicine use. Additionally this program helps medical students gain a further insight into the world of clinical research. ​
Ride for World Health​ Ride for World Health is an annual bicycle journey from San Diego, CA to Washington, D.C. that aims to raise awareness of global and domestic health issues by leading discussions at medical centers, schools, senior citizen centers and rotary clubs in 40 cities. The group also raises money for non-profit organizations that promote global health.​

Ultrasound Olympics ​

This event highlighted the advanced ultrasound program at the OSUCOM and allowed students to participate in 6 events to test their skills. ​

25 research projects/conferences, and several other community projects were also funded throughout the academic year.

If you'd like more information about a specific project, please contact Medical Center Alumni Affairs at (614)-293-0571 or medalum@osumc.edu