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Flora Gluck Award

The Flora Gluck Fund is to assist graduate students in the Department of Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology (BCP) on research in hypertension.

BCP requests all interested graduate students who have passed the candidacy exam to submit an application/abstract. The research abstract must be in the field of hypertension, which the applicant plans to present at a conference or other research event.  This award includes financial assistance to cover business travel expenses up to $1,000 on one approved trip to present the submitted abstract in the calendar year following the award. For example, if awarded in December 2018, the financial assistance for the associated business trip must occur in 2019. This award is subject to all University, College, and Department policies and regulations on travel, and no extension requests will be considered.

Eligibility Requirements

All of the following eligibility requirements must be met: 

  1. At the time of application submission and the business travel trip, the student must be working as a Graduate Research Associate with at least a 50% FTE appointment in the BCP Department. The GRA appointment must directly report to and be supervised by a faculty member who’s TIU is BCP. 
  2. The student must be on the Ph.D. or M.D. /Ph.D. track in one of the graduate programs affiliated with the Department, such as OSBP, MCDB, BSGP, Biophysics, and Neuroscience. The student must have passed the candidacy exam. 
  3. The student cannot be a previous recipient of the Flora Gluck Award.

Review Criteria

The application will be reviewed on the quality and scientific rigor of the abstract based on the Ph.D. work in the Department of Biological Chemistry and Pharmacology. 

How to Apply

Please click on the below link for the application form. Only this form will be accepted. Submit the application to Kirk Mykytyn by email (mykytyn.1@osu.edu) by October 31st.