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Mark Parthun

Mark Parthun_0.jpgProfessor and Chair

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Sharon Amacher

Sharon AmacherProfessor

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Rene Anand



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Charles E. Bell

Charles E. BellAssociate Professor

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Arthur Burghes

Arthur BurghesProfessor

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Chen Gu

Chen GuAssociate Professor

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Howard Gu

Howard Gu website jpg.jpg


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Tsonwin Hai

Tsonwin HaiProfessor

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Patrice Hamel

Patrice HamelAssociate Professor

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Joseph Kitzmiller

Assistant Professor

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Stephen J. Kolb

Stephen J. KolbAssistant Professor

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Jeff Kuret

Jeff KuretProfessor

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Kamal Mehta

Kamal MehtaProfessor

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Kirk Mykytyn

Associate Professor

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Andrej Rotter


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Daniel R. Schoenberg

Daniel R. SchoenbergProfessor

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Benefunder-RNA: The Molecule at the Core of Biology and Medicine​

Frederick Villamena

Associate Professor

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Jian-Qiu Wu

Jian-Qiu WuAssociate Professor

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Lai-Chu Wu

Associate Professor

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Sung Ok Yoon

Associate Professor

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