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Program Standards & Disclosures

Per BMEA Department and Body Donor Program policy, all Anatomical Services requests have competitive fees associated with the use of anatomical services, facilities, models, and cadaveric materials. Faculty and instructors interested in using Anatomy lab facilities and its resources, please complete the Material Reque​st Form. You can expect a quote after the Material Request Form​ is received. An invoice will follow your event or course.

Non-Save donor materials are to be kept for no longer than four (4) years. Only academic programs may request an extension.
  • A time extension may be requested for external academic program use. If desired, please submit the Extension Request of Human Cadaveric Material Form​ 3-6 months prior to the scheduled end date.
  • Approval criteria is based on the condition of the specimen as evaluate by a site visit and includes but is not limited to: specimen dryness, pliability, storage conditions and presence of mold or mildew.

Disclosure Form: Each individual interested in using Anatomy lab resources, please complete the​ Human Anatomy Laboratory Disclosure Form​