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High School Events

The Division of Anatomy is involved in several community and university outreach initiatives.  One such outreach opportunity we offer is high school visits in our cadaver labs which provide students with a hands-on experience.  Under the guidance of anatomy faculty and graduate students in anatomy, participants see what is truly under the skin and this increases their understanding of the body.   

These sessions typically run for 1-hour and can be custom tailored based on the understanding anatomy of participating groups.  Sessions are offered and scheduled based on the availability of staff and space throughout the academic year.  In the spring semester, the Division holds an “Anatomy Outreach Day” which enables many schools, unable to attend during the rest of the year, to book 1-hour timeslots throughout the day to experience the cadaver lab. 

For further information or to book an outreach session and receive Student Permission Forms, please contact:


Dr. Melissa Quinn


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