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Funding Opportunities

  1. Internal opportunities
    1. Anatomy
      1. Margaret Hines Scholarship - by faculty nomination
      2. Graduate Teaching Associateship
        1. Application is due by March 1.
      3. Graduate Research Associateship
        1. Seek out Principle Investigators at OSU with whom you would like to work. They may have grants to support graduate student tuition and/or stipends.
      4. Supplemental funds for research and travel
        1. You may apply for limited financial support from the Division of Anatomy if you need assistance with research projects or to travel to professional conferences at which you are presenting. Please click on either Research or Travel for specific application instructions.
    2. CGS
      1. http://cgs.osu.edu/funding-opportunities/​
    3. Graduate School
      1. http://www.gradsch.osu.edu/funding1.html
    4. OSU scholarships
      1. https://sfa.osu.edu/scholarships/
  2. External opportunities
    1. American Association of Anatomists
      1. http://www.anatomy.org/content/awards-grants
    2. NSF
      1. http://www.nsf.gov/funding/aboutfunding.jsp​