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Staff and Post Doctoral Positions

Post-Doctoral Researcher Opportunities   

Post Doctoral Researcher (Job Opening 413442) - Post-doctoral Researcher to pursue specialized and focused research training and additional experience in the High Performance Computing Lab (http://bmi.osu.edu/hpc/) within the Department of Biomedical Informatics; works independently and collaboratively to develop and test combinatorial algorithms to solve scientific computing problems, runtime middleware systems for emerging multi-core architectures, and developing new methods for large scale genomic and biomedical applications; participates as a team member with lab staff and students and collaborative researchers to interpret data and discuss project progress; collaborates with other researchers in determining research priorities and planning programs of research; keeps up-to-date with relevant published literature; develops and writes research manuscripts, articles, and abstracts; writes project reports; presents ongoing work and findings at local, national, and international conferences; develops and conducts educational workshops, lectures and seminars; assists in writing and submitting grant proposals for HPC lab-related research to extramural funding agencies; assists in identifying new technology and trends in high performance computing; participates in the selection and design of research methodologies used for data analysis and in establishing new lab methods and procedures; assists in supervising graduate/undergraduate students; assists in mentoring graduate/undergraduate students and technicians within the HPC laboratory.
To apply to this position, please apply through this link.