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IT Services/Help


Help Desk/ eServices/ IT Requests                                                                                                           

OSUMC's eServices can be found on the front page of OneSource, marked by a little laptop icon. If the issue needs to be resolved within 24 hours, please call the Help Desk at (614)293-3861.

High performance computers located at KRC (Bucki, Owens) are managed by the Ohio Supercomputer Center(OSC). To open a ticket for high performance computing, please email oschelp@osc.edu or call them at (614)292-1800.


Changing Your OSU Password                                                                                                                

Every 180 days, all OSU faculty, staff, and students are required to change their Ohio State Username password. You will receive an e-mail reminder 14, 7, and 1 day prior to your password expiration date. Please follow this link​ to learn how to change your password.

Creating an OSC Account                                                                                                                        

New faculty can follow this link to get started: https://app.osc.edu/cgi-bin/app/startup

You will need to let OSC know that you should have access to the BMI condo, either in the application or via email to oschelp@osc.edu.

OSC Resources Tip Sheet                                                                                                                       

​For a quick and easy understanding of the BMI Condo, please review this document. If you have any questions, you can email Dr. H. Gulcin Ozer​ or oschelp@osc.edu.


Many areas are equipped with OSUMC and OSU wireless. You may login to each network using their respective login credentials(OSUMC -- smit00; OSU -- smith.00). If you encounter difficulties, contact the OSUMC Help Desk at (614)293-3861.


Wireless Modem Checkout (MiFi and WiFi)                                                                                               

Reservation Process

  • To reserve a modem, the customer should send an email to biomedical.informatics@osu.edu with the date for both pickup and drop off of the modems.
  • The ticket should be logged the reservation in the blue binder.

Check In/Out Process

  •  The reserving customer should come to 250 Lincoln Tower to pickup the MiFi/Wifi modem.
  • Record the modem number, the person picking the modem up, the date and time of the pickup, and the name of the admin staff member on the sign out sheet.
  • The modem should NEVER be used for international travel.
  • When returning the modem, record the date/time in the log and return it to the approriate bin in locked storage. Make sure the cord(if applicable) is with the device.



Email Account Management (OSU and OSUMC)                                                                                       

Most faculty, staff, and students will be provided with two accounts; the first is an OSU account(name.#) and another is an OSUMC account(name01).

Please activate your OSU account as soon as possible herePlease note that if you have been provided an OSUMC email address (first.last@osumc.edu) you should activate your e-mail forwarding at the same time you are activating your name.# account. This will ensure that all messages from the University and the department are being forwarded to your correct e-mail address.

If you have already activated your name.# account, but you still need to enable mail forwarding, you may do so by​ logging back into my.osu.edu​.


Printers and Scanners - Lincoln Tower​                                                                                                      

Multifunction devices that support printing and scanning are located in each module.

The device information is as follows:


​Printer N​ame ​IP Address ​Printer Model ​UniPrint Machine Code
​250 Lincoln Tower ​\\print-dn-vp01\P-LT-250-XEROXWC78​​45 ​ ​Xerox WorkCentre 7845 ​MCR29
​310 Lincoln Tower ​\\print-dn-vp01\P-LT-310-XEROXWC7830​ ​ ​Xerox WorkCentre 7830 ​MCY54
​320 Lincoln Tower ​​\\print-dn-vp01\P-LT-320-XEROXWC7830 ​ ​Xerox WorkCentre 7830​ ​MCY55
​340 Lincoln Tower ​\\print-dn-vp01\P-LT-340-XEROXWC7830 ​ ​Xerox WorkCentre 7830 ​MCX49

For the 220 Lincoln Tower printer, you must contact IT and have them add the device to your computer.




​ ​​​​​​