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"Jon Studer, an Undergraduate Researcher in Dr. Janies' group, has received a fellowship from the OSU Undergraduate Research to extend his work on the Biogeography of Disease."

Jonathon Studer and Daniel Janies have published “Global spread and evolution of viral haemorrhagic septicaemia virus (VHSV)”.


VHSV is a fish disease that has recently infected fish in the Great Lakes and elsewhere in North America. The authors' use SUPRAMAP to analyze genetic sequence and geographic data to show the virus' transmission routes – a first step to controlling the disease. Jonathon Studer is supported by the Undergraduate Research Office, a Choose Ohio First scholarship for bioinformatics, and the Innovation Group for Global Infectious Disease research(gidr.osu.edu).


Posted on 3-May-11 by System Account
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