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Onur Küçüktunç, a recent student graduate, leaves OSU for a position at Google  

Onur Küçüktunç, on the right in the picture above, is a recent PhD graduate in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University.  He graduated on August 4th, and recently left Columbus for a prestigious role with Google.
Originally from Turkey, Onur received both an undergraduate and master’s degree in computer engineering from Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey.  His decision to attend Ohio State for his doctoral studies is a testament to the international reach of OSU. “A number of computer science and engineering professors at Bilkent have completed either their PhDs or post-doctoral degrees at OSU.  So I was familiar with the University before applying to the PhD program, and I’m glad I chose OSU over other universities.”
Onur reflects positively on his time at Ohio State, and specifically points to his mentorship under Dr. Umit Çatalyürek, who runs the High Performance Computing Laboratory (HPC) of the Department of Biomedical Informatics (BMI) as a highlight of his education. He began working with Dr. Çatalyürek about two years ago after he finished his coursework and was ready to shift his focus entirely to research endeavors.  He smartly took full advantage of all the professors and resources available within BMI.
“I immediately noticed that people in the HPC have a different perspective when tackling complex computational problems.  I learned that research in my field should not focus exclusively on engineering and finding solutions, but rather finding solutions that are elegant and efficient.  Developing efficient solutions while considering all available resources is one of the most important lessons I learned under Dr. Çatalyürek's mentorship in BMI.”
Onur’s studies at OSU and within BMI certainly paved the way for his next opportunity – his job with Google.  Even after he departs, though, his ties to OSU will likely remain intact. “I will work with a fairly new team that focuses on search and indexing of Google’s very large-scale internal data.  At the same time, I will contact Google Scholar developers to explore possible collaborations with BMI’s HPC Lab.”


Posted on 15-Aug-13 by Gentry, James
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