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Erik Saule, PhD former BMI post doc has taken a faculty position at UNCC 


Erik Saule, PhD, recently finished his postdoctoral training at The Ohio State University’s Department of Biomedical Informatics (BMI) within the lab of Dr. Ümit Çatalyürek.  On August 15th, Dr. Saule assumed a tenure-track position as an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC).

Prior to attending OSU, Dr. Saule studied exclusively in his native France. First, he majored in mathematics and computer science at the University of Versailles.  He then moved onto the Grenoble Institute of Technology to pursue a PhD in Operation Research, a field that melds computer science and mathematics.

About the time Dr. Saule was concluding his PhD studies at Grenoble, he decided his next step would be a postdoctoral position in a foreign country.  “While I was looking for a postdoc position, I coincidentally attended the same conference as Dr. Çatalyürek, a Professor in Biomedical Informatics from Ohio State.  Dr. Çatalyürek happened to be looking for a researcher to add to the team working in his High Performance Computing Lab.  A common colleague put both of us in touch, and that is essentially how I ended up at Ohio State.”

Under the mentorship of Dr. Çatalyürek, Dr. Saule’s experiences expanded. He came to OSU primarily interested in theoretical parallel computing, but Dr. Çatalyürek pushed him to think beyond this and see how his research could fit into the larger picture of BigData and High Performance Computing. Dr. Saule reflects fondly on those days. “He dragged me into more experimentally-oriented work, which broadened my horizons.  I also had the opportunity to advise graduate students in the BMI Department and gain experience writing grant applications in collaboration with Dr. Çatalyürek.”

We wish Dr. Saule all the best success in his new position at the University of North Carolina Charlotte and hope his time at OSU helps foster more research collaboration between our two institutions!


Posted on 30-Aug-13 by Gentry, James
Tags: Events, Research
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