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Welcome, Pengyue Zhang, to BMI! 


​Dr. Zhang is an instructor in the Departments of Biomedical Informatics within the Ohio State University College of Medicine. He is trained as biostatistician and bioinformatician. His research interests are in the fields of pharmacovigilance, pharmacometrics and pharmacoepidemiology. His current focus lies in the development of study designs and statistical models for detecting adverse drug event (ADE), drug interaction signals from spontaneous reporting system (SRS), and electronical medical record (EMR) and other databases. The novel epidemiology design shall fully characterize the underling patients’ health status in EMR to control the potential confounding factors. For the statistical models, separate models for detecting single drug induced ADE signals and drug interaction signals will be developed in which false discovery rates for the signals can be obtained. ​​


Posted on 2-Jul-18 by Mccormic, Mikayla
Tags: Events
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