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Who Should Consider Biomedical Science?

Students who love science

In addition to being a strong science student, you should also have a passion for studying the natural sciences.

Students who want to conduct research

While it may or may not be your career aspiration to be a researcher, you should have a strong desire to learn about and participate in research while an undergraduate student. Students who excel at and enjoy research tend to be creative thinkers, very comfortable with the unknown, and able to handle failures well.

Students who want a career involving medicine

Most medical schools appreciate students who have been involved in research. However, this research doesn't have to be medically focused, and this major will not make you more likely to be admitted to medical school. Choose this major because you have a strong desire to learn more about medical research.

Students who desire a more intimate classroom setting

Since 26 incoming freshmen are admitted to this major each year, Biomedical Science classes are smaller than average. Students in this program are expected to actively engage in classes by coming to class prepared, participating in classroom discussions, working in groups, and making presentations.​​​​​