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Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student Organization

The Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student Organization (BSGO) is an officially recognized student organization that represents, through its elected leadership, the students in interactions with program leadership. The main goal of BSGO is to provide support to all students enrolled in the Biomedical Sciences program. Membership also provides professional and social opportunities outside of the BSGO. The BSGO strives to inform, interact with and serve the community and public at large in ways related to biomedical research and education. The BSGO also functions as the communications vehicle between its membership and the faculty, staff, and administration of graduate program.

View the BSGO Constitution

For information, please feel free to contact any of the following officers:Picture3.jpg

President: Maura Schwartz

Vice President: Aaron Argall

Treasurer: Shouvonik Sengupta

Secretary: Jenna Sandala

Social Chair: Mariah Johnson

Outreach Chair: Amelia Cephas​