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Ostrowski, Michael C, PhD

Department of Cancer Biology and Genetics

Contact Information


598 Biomedical Research Tower
460 W. 12th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210
Ph: (614) 685-9174
Fax: (614) 292-6356
E-Mail: michael.ostrowski@osumc.edu

Research Description

Dr. Ostrowski's lab has a long-standing interest in understanding how signaling pathways elicit selective changes in gene transcription in mammalian cells. One project is centered on the ras/Erk/ets signaling pathway in cancer cells (abnormal signaling project) and one on the rac/p38 MAP kinase/microphthalmia transcription factor pathways during normal bone development and bone remodeling that occurs throughout life (normal signaling projects). We use a combination of genetic mouse models, molecular genetics, biochemistry and cell biology to attack these problems.


 Lab Website: http://u.osu.edu/ostrowski.4


Current Publications

•Meisen WH, Dubin S, Sizemore ST, Mathsyaraja H, Thies K, Lehman NL, Boyer P, Jaime-Ramirez AC, Elder JB, Powell K, Chakravarti A, Ostrowski MC, Kaur B
Changes in BAI1 and Nestin expression are prognostic indicators for survival and metastases in breast cancer and provide opportunities for dual targeted therapies.
Mol Cancer Ther in press 11/5/2014
•Bronisz A, Wang Y, Nowicki MO, Peruzzi P, Ansari KI, Ogawa D, Balaj L, De Rienzo G, Mineo M, Nakano I, Ostrowski MC, Hochberg F, Weissleder R, Lawler SE, Chiocca EA, Godlewski J
Extracellular vesicles modulate the glioblastoma microenvironment via a tumor suppression signaling network directed by miR-1.
Cancer Res 74 738-50 2/1/2014
•Bronisz A, Carey HA, Godlewski J, Sif S, Ostrowski MC, Sharma SM
The multifunctional protein fused in sarcoma (FUS) is a coactivator of microphthalmia-associated transcription factor (MITF).
J Biol Chem 289 326-34 1/3/2014
•Ostrowski MC, Kabbout M, Dakhlallah D, Sharma S, Bronisz A, Srinivasan R, Piper M, Marsh CB
MicroRNA 17-92 Cluster Mediates ETS1 and ETS2-Dependent RAS-Oncogenic Transformation.
PLoS One 9 e100693 1/1/2014
•Sanderlin A, Rosol TJ, Mehta KD, Sizemore GM, Ostrowski MC, Wallace JA, Pitarresi JR, Sharma N, Palettas M, Cuitiño MC, Sizemore ST, Yu L
Protein kinase C Beta in the tumor microenvironment promotes mammary tumorigenesis.
Front Oncol 4 87 1/1/2014
•Werbeck JL, Thudi NK, Martin CK, Premanandan C, Yu L, Ostrowksi MC, Rosol TJ
Tumor Microenvironment Regulates Metastasis and Metastasis Genes of Mouse MMTV-PymT Mammary Cancer Cells In Vivo.
Vet Pathol in press 868-881 10/3/2013
•Peruzzi P, Bronisz A, Nowicki MO, Wang Y, Ogawa D, Price R, Nakano I, Kwon CH, Hayes J, Lawler SE, Ostrowski MC, Chiocca EA, Godlewski J
MicroRNA-128 coordinately targets Polycomb Repressor Complexes in glioma stem cells.
Neuro Oncol 15 1212-24 9/1/2013
•Ying Z, do Carmo JM, Xiang L, da Silva AA, Chen M, Ryan MJ, Ostrowski M, Rajagopalan S, Hall JE
Inhibitor κB kinase 2 is a myosin light chain kinase in vascular smooth muscle.
Circ Res 113 562-70 8/16/2013
•Wojton J, Chu Z, Mathsyaraja H, Meisen WH, Denton N, Kwon CH, Chow LM, Palascak M, Franco R, Bourdeau T, Thornton S, Ostrowski MC, Kaur B, Qi X
Systemic delivery of SapC-DOPS has antiangiogenic and antitumor effects against glioblastoma.
Mol Ther 21 1517-25 8/1/2013
•McConoughey SJ, Jalgaonkar SP, Leon M, Merchant AS, Dominick JL, Yin X, Wolford CC, Chang Y, Zmuda EJ, O'Toole SA, Millar EK, Roller SL, Shapiro CL, Ostrowski MC, Sutherland RL, Hai T
Transcription factor ATF3 links host adaptive response to breast cancer metastasis.
J Clin Invest 123 2893-906 7/1/2013
•He H, Bronisz A, Liyanarachchi S, Nagy R, Li W, Huang Y, Akagi K, Saji M, Kula D, Wojcicka A, Sebastian N, Wen B, Puch Z, Kalemba M, Stachlewska E, Czetwertynska M, Dlugosinska J, Dymecka K, Ploski R, Krawczyk M, Morrison PJ, Ringel MD, Kloos RT, Jazdzewski K, Symer DE, Vieland VJ, Ostrowski M, Jarząb B, de la Chapelle A
SRGAP1 is a candidate gene for papillary thyroid carcinoma susceptibility.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab 98 E973-80 5/1/2013
•Rosol TJ, Stromberg PC, Lesurf R, Hallett M, Park M, Leone G, Ostrowski MC, Wallace JA, Li F, Balakrishnan S, Cantemir-Stone CZ, Pecot T, Martin C, Kladney RD, Sharma SM, Trimboli AJ, Fernandez SA, Yu L
Ets2 in tumor fibroblasts promotes angiogenesis in breast cancer.
PLoS One 8 e71533 1/1/2013
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