2023 Cycle Information

We understand the stress and uncertainty associated with the past two years. All aspects of preparation for medical school have been affected by the ongoing pandemic and the calls of action to address racial injustices. We have made thoughtful decisions about how we plan to proceed with our medical school admissions and we remain committed to a holistic approach in consideration of candidates. It is our aim to remain considerate of the hardships that may exist yet remain true to our mission. This information may be updated periodically.

Please note the following information regarding interviews, coursework, labs, letters of evaluation, MCAT, essays, and deadlines:

  • The format of the 2022-2023 interview season will be virtual. Optional in-person tours will be available monthly for those invited to interview.
  • Pass/Fail Coursework – Pass/Fail will be allowed for all coursework taken during the Spring 2020 term, including pre-requisites taken during this time frame only
    Online Coursework and Labs – Online labs will be accepted for the Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 term
  • Letters of Evaluation – The requirement for a letter of recommendation from the instructor of a graded science course has been changed for the Spring 2020 term. A letter of recommendation from the instructor of a science course taken pass/fail in the Spring 2020 term is acceptable.
  • MCAT - A valid MCAT score is required to receive a secondary at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. For the current application cycle, the MCAT testing date must be between 1/1/2019 and 9/30/2022.
  • Deadlines - The deadline to request a Secondary Application is 11/1/2022. The deadline to complete the Secondary Application is 12/15/22.

We understand students were affected academically over the past year. Many schools allowed or mandated pass/fail coursework for the Spring 2020 term and beyond. We have added an optional essay prompt to allow elaboration if you have taken pre-requisite courses pass/fail or online after Spring 2020 so we can better understand your situation.

Additional Resources

Additional Resources