Internship Coordinator: Gabrielle Kokanos

About the Program

The Department of Biomedical Informatics hosts an annual internship program each summer that provides graduating high school seniors and current undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to pursue research projects under the guidance of research and operational staff and renowned faculty mentors.

Participants learn useful tools and technologies used in biomedical and clinical research and attend weekly seminars to learn more about the various fields and interdisciplinary interactions biomedical informatics facilitates. Interns also gain very useful presentation abilities through regular lab and programmatic presentation opportunities, including an end-of-program poster session.

Many students who have participated in this program have gone on to pursue doctoral degrees in biomedicine, biomedical informatics, computer science and electrical engineering or to complete degrees in medicine and nursing.

All student internship positions in the Department of Biomedical Informatics are paid, with the hourly wage depending on experience level. Many positions have the ability to turn into academic year student employment opportunities.

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