Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute Core Labs

Payment information will only be collected by way of the University’s new Workday system. The DHLRI has the following core labs set-up in the Workday system.

DHLRI Core Labs – Interventional Cath Core
DHLRI Core Labs – Small Animal Imaging Core
DHLRI Core Labs – Comprehensive Lab Animal Monitoring System (CLAMS)

Please submit one requisition per principal investigator’s funding source, for each core lab to be used. Requisitions must include a completed Core Lab Access Registration Form for each new user. Those requests received without this form and not completed as shown, will not be accepted, and access will not be granted until missing information is provided. Please see the example of a requisition that will be accepted for payment and instructions for completion, located below. Once the requisition is accepted by the DHLRI Business Office, the user will be contacted by the DHLRI Core Lab Manager to arrange training (if needed); utilize the online scheduling tool (if needed); and to provide the user access to the DHLRI core lab.

Each requisition submitted will be valid until the end of the fiscal year when the request was submitted and/or the OSP project end date, whichever occurs first. Do NOT submit multiple requisitions for the same funding source, core lab and users during the same fiscal year. New users can be added to the existing requisition for the same core lab and funding source by emailing DHLRI.Admin@osumc.edu.

PLEASE NOTE: External customers should submit a valid purchase order and billing address that invoices can be sent to for payment along with an access form.

If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact the core lab manager or the DHLRI Fiscal Officer at: DHLRI.Admin@osumc.edu.


Poster Printing

Poster printing should be requested through eRAMP using the instructions on the Poster Printing page. You do NOT need to create a separate requisition in Workday when ordering a poster on eRAMP.

Lab Forms

Lab Forms

Core Lab Charges

Core Lab Charges

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