When a float asks you, “How are you doing?”—chances are she really means it, because she has not seen you in a long while.

When a float asks you where something is in the clinic, chances are she really needs help, because she already opened all the drawers and cabinets.

When a float asks you, “What’s new?”—chances are she really means it, because changes can happen rapidly around the center.

When a float asks you, “Do you need help with anything?—chances are she really means it, because she is finished with her assigned duties.

We are rebuilding our ambulatory float pool, and would like to introduce you to our new members, and formally say “goodbye” and “thank you” to all our wonderful staff who left the float pool. 

I want to especially thank Gloria Rudolph for being my preceptor, for helping me understand what it means to work for an Ohio State Family Medicine practice, for the six years she spent in the float pool keeping Family Medicine staffed and trained, and for the many miles she traveled around Ohio to accomplish her goals. Gloria’s favorite thing about being a float was meeting a lot of people and learning so much from a variety of physicians.

Erika Madison spent four years as a float and loved being able to meet and work with new people. Erika always made me feel welcome to ask her questions when I was new. Gloria and Erika are now both at Total Health and Wellness at East Hospital.

Amy Brinda is now part of Family Medicine Worthington. She spent three years as a float and she loved seeing how happy everyone was to see her each morning and being part of many wonderful teams.

Austin Williams is now part of the Upper Arlington general surgery clinic. His favorite thing about being a float was being a medical assistant, and talking to many different people every day.

Tina Jacobs is now part of Integrative Medicine. She loved having the opportunity to meet, work and learn from lots of other MAs, providers and office staff, and enjoyed working with her preceptor when scheduling allowed. 

Thank you, former float pool staff, for the many miles you traveled to keep Family Medicine afloat.

Welcome to our new staff

Tabitha Fahner joined the float pool fresh out of the Columbus State Community College Medical Assisting associate degree program. She always has a smile to share. “I enjoy my career,” Tabitha says. “This is so much more than just a job. These experiences compel me to be a better person. If for the five minutes that I see my patients I can make them laugh or smile just to forget for a few seconds, then my day is perfect.”

Emily Fenstermaker graduated from CSCC with an associate degree in Medical Assisting about a year ago. Being a float to her means “to be a helpful hand to whoever needs help. I like to live my life that way, serving people in any way I can. It makes me happy knowing when I do my job, it makes people at the clinic happy just for being there, because they are short-staffed.” 

Heidi Funderburk recently joined the float pool and started her clinical training on Feb. 7, after becoming a CCMA. She is enjoying having a dual career, along with court reporting. In Heidi’s words, “becoming an MA float has opened many doors for me. I appreciate meeting the quality people while getting to learn and apply my skills to help people feel better.” She is very excited to get to work with our teams.

I have been busy training our new floats, and going to CSCC and starting my first semester of the RN program there. It has being a very busy first four weeks, with much more to come. My goal as a float is to put a smile on everyone’s face every day I see them, and to tell everyone that it is never too late to go back to school and use our tuition benefits. Gloria inspired me to go back to school and now I try to inspire others. Thank you to those of you who at times have called me Gloria...that’s an honor. It’s OK if you do not remember our names, but we’re here if you ever need us!

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