The CNS (central nervous system)/PNS (peripheral nervous system) Injury Core provides technical support to generate animal models of injury and to characterize their behavioral impairment after injury. 

The services available in this Central Nervous System/Peripheral Nervous System Core provide unique and valuable services to investigators funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS). These services provide an array of surgical and behavioral techniques that are not typically located together in a single laboratory.

This core provides standardized peripheral nerve injuries, spinal contusion injuries and a variety of intraspinal or intracranial microlesions induced by microinjection of specific toxins or demyelinating agents. This core also provides behavioral tools commonly used in spinal cord injury (SCI) studies, which differ from those offered in the Behavioral Core. These core services provide an opportunity for investigators wishing to test the response of transgenic animals to CNS/PNS injury or to test the efficacy of therapeutic agents.

The primary service of this core is induced standardized peripheral nerve injuries or spinal cord injuries in small animals. The core also provides behavioral tools commonly used in spinal cord injury studies. Although this support covers costs of the behavioral technician, it does not cover equipment or animal per diem charges.

Core Director
Dana McTigue, PhD

Core Manager
Rochelle Deibert

Wiseman Hall

Available Services

  • Sciatic nerve transection
  • Spinal contusion injury
  • Focal spinal injury via microinjection of specific toxins (e.g., LPS and zymosan)
  • Focal spinal demyelination via microinjection of lysolecithin or ethidium bromide

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Publications that have benefitted from injury core services.

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