Promoting Clinical Education in Ophthalmology

At the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, we are dedicated to education. The lectureship series called EyeRounds provides complimentary continuing medical education (CME) covering a variety of topics. We hope that the success of EyeRounds will continue to foster the community spirit that is an important part of the Department of Ophthalmology’s mission.

The Jacob Moses Lectureship - Eye Rounds

The Jacob Moses Lectureship was established to commemorate the contributions and accomplishments of a clinical professor in ophthalmology who provided care for innumerable patients and educated numerous people over his 58 years in practice. Jacob Moses started his career in Columbus, OH in 1945 bringing many innovations to central Ohio. He was a great family man, a pillar of the medical community and a person that from a very early time, contributed substantially to the development of the ophthalmology program at The Ohio State University.

This lectureship is intended to promote the clinical education of ophthalmology for established ophthalmologists and students, as well as others devoted to the professions of eye care. 

Havener Eye Institute
915 Olentangy River Road, Room 3000
Columbus, OH 43212

Guest Speaker 2023


Past EyeRounds Topics

"Normal Tension Glaucoma"
"When the Pieces Don't Fit the Puzzle"
Elizabeth A. Martin, MD, Indiana University School of Medicine

"Tackling Glaucoma Medication Adherence"
"Glaucoma and Health Disparities"
Paula Anne Newman-Casey, MD, Kellogg Eye Center University of Michigan

"Conquering Intraocular Pressure: Traditional and New Pharmacologic, Laser, and Surgical Approaches
"Clinical and Laboratory Science Overview"
Douglas J. Rhee, MD, Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences, UH Cleveland Medical Center

"Medicolegal Issues Related to Medical Error: How to Stay Our of Trouble in the Clinic and OR"
"Using Clinical Outcomes Date to Help Formulate Content for Educational Programs: A Look into the Future"
Richard L. Abbott, MD, Chairman, UCSF Department of Ophthalmology

"Serious Eye Cancers Masquerading as Common Benign Conditions"
Jerry Shields, MD, Wills Eye Hospital

"Glaucoma Surgery: Now and the Future"
Douglas Rhee, MD, Chairman, University Hospitals Eye Institute, Case Western Reserve University

"Managing the Retinal Problems of Patients with Mental Disabilities—The Technical and Ethical Challenges”
Kirk Packo, MD, Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology at Rush University Medical Center

"My Retina Is Normal, But I Still Cannot See!”
Thomas Spoor, MD, a nationally renowned oculoplastic and neuro-ophthalmic surgeon from Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

"Vitrectomy Without Scleral Buckling”
Steve Charles, MD, University of Tennessee Health Science Center

"Biomechanics of the Eyelids and Cheek"
Clinton McCord, Jr, MD, Emory University School of Medicine

"Complex PVR Management"
Gary Abrams, MD, Chairman, Kresge Eye Institute, and Dal Chun, MD, Walter Reed Army Medical Center

"The Glaucoma Update"
Lou Cantor, MD, Chairman, Indiana University 

"Genetics of Uveal Melanoma"
James Augsburger, MD, Chairman, University of Cincinnati

"CATT: Comparison of AMD Treatment Trial"
Daniel Martin, MD, Chairman, Cleveland Clinic

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