Our Joint Internship

Residents who match at Ohio State are required to complete their intern year at Ohio State. In partnership with Ohio State’s Internal Medicine Program, all six interns will spend 10, four week long blocks on general medicine, which includes emergency medicine and oncology. During three ophthalmology blocks, interns will:

  • Learn basic exam skills and techniques
  • Participate in all scheduled ophthalmology didactic sessions
  • Participate in individual pathology and neuro-radiology weekly sessions
  • Observe in the operating room, working with ophthalmology attendings and fellows
  • Access to the EyeSi surgical simulator

We feel that the joint internship promotes better continuity between the PGY-1 year and the PGY-2 year, allowing familiarity with The Ohio State University hospital system, the electronic medical records, and establishing professional relationships with Department of Ophthalmology faculty and residents. Interns start studying ophthalmology and mastering the basics before their ophthalmology residency even begins.

Interested applicants can apply for our ophthalmology residency through SF Match. As the medicine/ophthalmology internship is a required part of our residency, candidates also need to register with the National Resident Matching Program. Our joint internship program is listed with the NRMP as 1566140P0. Please remember you only need to be registered with NRMP so if interviewed you can be ranked.

There will not be a separate interview for the intern year, and matched ophthalmology candidates will not need to interview with the Department of Internal Medicine. Applicants who match with Ohio State for their residency are required to submit a NRMP rank list with the Ohio State medicine/ophthalmology intern year as specified above as their only selection.

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