Resident training in surgery simulations

surgical simulator 1We take great pride in our residency program and our commitment to train the best ophthalmologists and surgeons of tomorrow. 

Computerized surgical simulators are the future of medical education. They allow our residents to become familiar with the principles behind the procedures they will perform and help develop the skills required to perform them. The EYESI® surgical simulator provides both cataract and vitreoretinal surgery simulations in a 3D virtual environment.

Our faculty has tested the device numerous times and have found it to provide a very convincing surgical simulation—something we want our residents to experience before, during and after their time in the real operating room. The simulator allows trainees to encounter and deal with various types of pathologies and surgical complications. All of this is done with no risk to patients.

surgical simulator 2As cataract surgery continues to become a more and more demanding procedure, we ask for your help in continuing our tradition of excellence in training with the latest technology and giving patients the best possible results.

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