Our Residents

Ohio State’s program tends to attract smart, successful physical therapists because our curriculum is so highly rated. These are the talented residents of our Orthopedic Physical Therapy Residency program.


David Bennion, PT, DPT

David completed both his Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science and Doctor of Physical Therapy at the University of Utah. He participated in the Utah Sport Psychology Research Team and Neuromuscular Function lab during his time at the University of Utah, presenting his research findings at regional conferences and had a poster accepted for ACSM 2020. David has a strong interest in rehabilitation following ACL reconstruction and return to sport testing. He has created multiple Excel based programs for outcome tracking following ACL reconstruction for different clinics where he has worked and completed internships.


Danny McAndrew, PT, DPT

Danny completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Creighton University in May 2020. During his time there, Danny started his own running-based research project in addition to participating in various research projects, many pertaining to ACL rehabilitation and return to sport criteria. His sports interests include cross country/track and field, hockey, baseball, football, and rugby. His main research interests include running, ACL rehabilitation, return to sport criteria, UCL rehabilitation/return to sport. 

Erin Krogh, PT, DPT, ATC

Erin is originally from West Fargo, North Dakota and attended North Dakota State University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science in 2016 and a Masters of Athletic Training degree in 2017. Afterward, she received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at The Ohio State University in 2020, while also working as needed as an Athletic Trainer for Nationwide Children's Hospital covering pediatric community events around Columbus. During PT school, Erin participated in clinical research on the landing mechanics of the knee post ACL reconstruction and was a finalist for the Excellence in Research award for the American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy. Erin solidified her passion for outpatient orthopedics/sports through her AT and PT experiences as a student and professional working with patients of all ages and activity levels, including collegiate sports teams, high school athletes, and active older adults. Her clinical interests include injury prevention, on-field injury management, return to sport/activity, and optimizing biomechanical performance of activities.