WhitsonTrxOhio State’s Lung Transplantation program has grown steadily since 2012 and has maintained consistently positive outcomes as volume has expanded. “Our patients benefit from the collaboration and expertise assembled in the Ross Heart Hospital,” says Bryan Whitson, MD, PhD, a cardiothoracic surgeon and director of Thoracic Transplantation. “And our Transplant Pulmonology team, led by Dr. David Nunley, addresses all facets of care to give each patient the support needed to prepare for such a major procedure and to maintain an effective treatment plan for the years that follow.

“Pioneering advanced therapies is also key to our positive outcomes,” Dr. Whitson adds, citing as examples Ohio State’s robust extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) program, combined heart/lung transplants, international leadership in ex-vivo lung perfusion and robust clinical trial participation.

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