LungTransplantAlthough our pulmonologists were stretched thin by the demands of caring for patients with COVID-19, we continue to provide lifesaving lung transplants throughout the pandemic — including procedures for patients who survived COVID-19. During 2020, the lung transplant team, which includes colleagues in cardiac surgery, landed in the top 10 in the United States for volume for the first time, ranking #9 with 69 lung transplants and #1 in Ohio for lung transplantation outcomes. This milestone includes the first COVID-19 patient transplantation, a rare double-lung procedure performed in December 2020. Lung transplant recipients with previous COVID-19 infections have significant inflammation and are weaker going into surgery, which can make the procedure more challenging than usual. Yet since that first successful procedure, the transplant team at the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center has performed eight additional lung transplantations on COVID-19 survivors, with additional referrals continuing. Learn more about the Ohio State Comprehensive Transplant Center at