The Ohio State Genetic Counseling Graduate Program received new program accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Genetic Counseling in 2013 and graduated our first class in May 2016. Every year, we add to our rolls of distinguished graduates.

If you would like to speak with any of our alumni about their experiences at the Genetic Counseling Graduate Program, please click contact us at

Class of 2019

Amber Aeilts, MS, CGC; Julia Coltri, MS, CGC; Julia Cooper, MS, CGC; Jennifer Gauerke, MS, CGC; Marie-Louise Henry, MS, CGC; Alayne Meyer, MS, CGC; Katherine Myers, MS, CGC; Keith Pelstring, MS; Laiken Peterson, MS, CGC; Kelly Rich, MS, CGC; Abigail Schaber, MS, CGC

Class of 2018

Madison Bernhardt, MS, CGC; Sabrina DiMaso, MS, CGC; Paul Hudson, MS, CGC; Holly Klepek, MS, CGC; Brooke Nightingale, MS, CGC; Megha Ranganathan, MS, CGC; Brenda Zuniga, MS, CGC

Class of 2017

Rachel Connell Ault, MS, CGC; Hayley Winslow Cassingham, MS, CGC; Kyle Dillahunt, MS, CGC; Christopher Heinlen, MS, CGC; Megan McMinn, MS, CGC; Tamara Reynolds, MS, CGC; Rebecca Schymanski, MS, CGC; Maggie Stein, MS, CGC; Rachel Supinger, MS, CGC; Rachel Wills, MS, CGC

Class of 2016

Sophie Crowdes, MS, CGC; Alexandra Ilacqua, MS, CGC; Nicole Lahner Bertsch, MS, CGC; Andrew McFaddin, MS, CGC; Athena Bowen Puski, MS, CGC; Donika Saporito, MS, CGC; Alexandra Suttman, MS, CGC; Karin Wagner, MS, CGC

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