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Career Development Resources

​A role of the Center for FAME is to help faculty members find career development resources. There are numerous opportunities for career growth both internal and external to Ohio State. The resources provided here are carefully selected and identified as quality programs. Please note that many of these resources have fees associated with them.

External Career Development Resources

Internal Career Development Resources

Resources for Researchers

Resources for Clinicians and Educators


Recommended Readings and Recordings

Forget a Mentor, Find a Sponsor: The New Way to Fast-Track Your Career

Mentorship is indeed an imperative tool to enhance personal and professional growth, and achieve career satisfaction, but author Sylvia Ann Hewlett encourages individuals to take this one step further and seek sponsorship as well.  Sponsorship is an earned relationship, where a senior level person who believes in your potential, actively advocates for you and your career.  Hewlett argues that this is the key to career advancement and obtaining leadership positions.

The C-Span BOOKTV program can be viewed here